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Working with SolKod

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SolKod Apparel is the brainchild of one of top freestyle dancer's Kwami Mensah. 

In his words and vision, it’s about being comfortable in your own skin, respecting yourself and honouring “The Code(s)” in which you live by to the life you want to achieve.

So naturally this shoot was all about enjoying life, living free, and being who you are.

This project was a collaboration between SolKod's in-house photographer, and myself. Our vision for the shoot was to interpret Kwami's love for free living and still have that fashion feel. He was blown away by the end results. We were able to capture exactly what he was envisioning in his mind.   

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MIL Photography provided my brand with the photography quality that match my styling efforts. Mil is great at getting the shots that convey a brand's aesthetics. Highly recommend working with him for your personal and business photography/videography needs.

Kwami M - SolKod Apparel

Got big goals for your business? Elevated brand photography can help get you there.

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