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Working with Kerolin

Kerolin is a fitness model, Social Media Influencer, and a mom of two. We've been working together for quite a few years to build her brand. When we broke down her "why" I discovered that her goal is to spread the message to all of the moms out there that you can still take care of your health and body, while being an amazing mom. 

Our branding shoots together range from portraits, to lifestyle shots and images she can use to help spread her message.


I was thrilled when Kerolin, a local fitness model & Influencer, reached out to me for a photoshoot. After meeting with her for the first time, and discussing her vision for the shoot, I was flattered to hear that she chose me specifically because of my ability to capture movement and athleticism in a unique and creative way. She appreciated my keen eye for detail and my passion for capturing the essence of the human form. With a shared love for fitness and a mutual respect for each other's art, I knew this was going to be a great collaboration and a fantastic opportunity for us both.

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“I've had a few photoshoots done by MIL Photography and I have always been extremely satisfied with how everything turned out.

I receive the photos in a timely manner, the quality is crisp and amazing. I get compliments on the photos whenever I post them!!! So so happy and highly recommend.”

KerolinTV -  Fitness Model, Influencer, Loving Mom

Got big goals for your business? Elevated brand photography can help get you there.

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